Second Day

During the downtime, Kaden managed to bed Karai, and due to a horrendously low sense motive check, it apparently was over before she realized it had happened (I took this to mean that he was very quick, but apparently it was mastery of “the art of seduction”. Or so he said.) Gareth did some snooping and got some info on the leader of the cult, a Drow Wizard named Greysilk. She apparently favors spells that turn your own body against you.

Back at her Lab, Hiwa found a message from an old friend, sort of an Indiana Jones type of person. The note only said, “I found it! It’s in the catacombs of Taltasqa.”

Heading deeper into the sewers, they found a group of smallish, strange looking trolls eating what looked like the body of a human child. The trolls ran off as soon as they were detected, leaving the corpse. The body of the little girl appeared to have been burned aliveĀ  before being eaten, although there was no telling how much time had passed between the two. The next chamber had a pool of what turned out to be boiling Tarrasque blood radiating powerful Necromantic magic. The child appeared to have been drowned in this pool. As they realized this, Kaden and Gareth heard a distant giggle of a small child.

Going still further, they entered into a large chamber with a bigger pool of boiling blood, gold statues of the Tarrasque surrounding the room, and chains for prisoners between each of the statues. A large altar was at one end of the room, with a drow woman in crimson robes praying behind it.
The plan was formed. Gareth and Karai would turn invisible and get close to Greysilk, waiting for Kaden to point his spear down to attack. The casters would hang back, waiting to see what developed. Hiwa cast Bull’s Strength on Kaden, and he walked brazenly into the center of the room, declaring his murderous intentions. For some reason the two ninjas had hung back about 20 feet instead of flanking Greysilk.

Greysilk reacted to the sudden presense of a lone warrior, realizing that there is no such thing, and cast a Wall of Dispel Magic between the two of them (though the ninjas were still inside it).

I can’t remember the exact order of combat, but here’s basically what happened:

Greysilk started by becoming invisible and running. Kaden used his draconic senses to pinpoint her and point her out to everyone. She cast Transfix, and got Karai, but Gareth and Kaden made his save and was immune, respectively. More damage was done by the melee folks, Hiwa started casting to dispel the Transfix fromKarai. Then Greysilk cast Avasculate on Kaden, which devastated him (and horrified Jess OoC ). Combat continued, and the drow cast Extract Water Elemental on Gareth, which killed him on the spot and summoned a water elemental simultaneously. Kaden transformed (the big reveal for the party ) and struck the final blow. (This is what happened according to Kaden, and it makes for a better story, but it’s not canon)

What actually happened: Kaden transformed (the big reveal for the party ) and was about to strike the final blow (2 natural 20’s in a row for a player that very often rolls 1’s and very rarely rolls 20’s) when Aaron (the player for Gareth) piped up, “actually, I forgot that she would have to make a fort save for the poison on my weapon.” So I thought, He’s already dead, why not give him a little more damage to his credit? I failed the fort save, and he rolled the damage, which actually killed Greysilk…

Kaden was not happy.

“You stole my kill, and I wasted my big reveal! And two 20’s!”

So we retconed that too.

Kaden never transformed, and Gareth never died.
My only regret is that I wasn’t able to Baleful Polymorph the dragon into a lizard…

They searched the chamber, and found the missing corpses in the pool of boiling blood (Gareth went fishing with some chains.), and heard another creepy laugh from some small tunnels in the rock, and a child’s voice saying, “I see you!” At this point, only Gareth and Kaden have heard the creepy children’s voices, and are slightly questioning their sanity. Gareth “inherited” Greysilk’s dagger, an intelligent weapon named Ishtaharru, which will only serve the killer of it’s last master.

They went deeper into the sewers and finally found the last of the assassin’s guild. Due to the severely dwindled numbers and their assistance in defeating the cultists, Gareth and Karai were offered two of the spots on the council for the guild.

Gareth suggested looking into Lucas Gerridos again, since that is what he was trying to do when he learned about the guild infiltration in the first place. Hiwa told everyone about her note and suggested searching for “It”, although she wouldn’t say what “it” was. The group decided to stay there for the night and decide in the morning. Word was sent to the others to meet them there.

SNEAK PEEK: The Cult, The Children, The Trolls, and Lucas Gerridos are all connected. But how?


First day in Taltasqa pt 3

When they heard the boots coming down the tunnel, Bushido, Vincent, and Nicodemus ran back to see about getting some help (their players couldn’t make it) and the remaining party members took positions and waited. From out of the tunnels came a massively intimidating… Bugbear.

Kaden started laughing so hard he could barely stand. (CR 2 for a 10th level gestalt group? OK…)

“You’re the guy they send in when things go south? This cult is more pathetic than I thought!”

Hiwa used her dark knowledge ability to analyze the creature before her and grant the other party members a bonus to damage. (I have to give Charlotte credit here. She’s new to D&D, but roleplays like a champ, and the poor girl had never heard of a bugbear before. So her dark knowledge that she shared with the others was, “Aim for the bug parts!” best quote ever.)

Gareth, who was standing invisible right next to the bugbear, cast Scorching Ray on him, figuring that would take care of him quite handily. It had about the same effect as shooting Mongo. At this point, Kaden stopped laughing.

After a full round of combat, Mongo (I didn’t bother to name him) got tired of taking damage, and changed into something a little less bug, and a lot more bear (werebear hybrid form) and went into a blood frenzy (barbarian rage). As he charged Kaden with a Tarrasque molar mace (The Everlasting Godstopper), Cadaver unleahed the spell he had been holding in reserve- Magic Jar.

Now Cadaver was lying on the floor, and the Bugbear had stopped in his tracks. After some convincing (the party almost killed him just to be sure) they realized that this was indeed Cadaver. They all decided that before they pressed on, they should regroup, and get some spells back, and gather some information. They aranged the human bodies in a pile and Cadaver clawed the hell out of em, then slit his own throat, returning to his body. Everyone went back to Kaden’s house, except for Hiwa, who went back to her lab.

End of day 1 (Game session continued into Day 2)

First Day in Taltasqa- Pt 2

After defeating the Lumi Paladins at the Shadow Temple, the group was paid, Kaden took his back to his Big House and rolled around in the gold like a dragon is wont to do. Vincent pulled the cleric aside and inquired about how they know each other. After some cajolling, the cleric admitted that Vincent came to him three months ago and arranged for a memory erasing spell to be cast on him. The arrangement was actually for him and another person to have the spell cast on both of them, but when Vincent showed up, he was alone. The cleric had no idea who the other person was suppoed to be. As far as why they wanted their memories erased, Vincent had said something about not letting someone find them…

Everyone returned to the Silver Minotaur and did some information gathering.

Kaden found out some really wacky rumors that were not exactly plot hooks, just random rumors.

Karai and Gareth learned that the Guild was in hiding at a safehouse below the Three Daggers Inn, and that there was a good chance the attack came from a new Tarrasque-worshiping cult. They also learned that there was a body found near the city market chained up in the exact same way the Tarrasque is.

Hiwa learned that a clan of halflings who periodically come to town with fine imports arrived this morning, and that they are a good place to buy and sell rare items.

Bushido Brown talked to a guard from the Flesh Pit who said that he saw someone trying to cut into the Tarrasque’s head the other night, and he has no idea why someone would want to do that.

Vincent found out that the serving wenches do not want to date him (he rolled a 7 on his gather info).

Nicodemus heard a rumor, and in true rumor-mongering fashion, repeated it to the group in a way that was nothing at all like he heard it, so when they pursue it, they will have no clue what to expect. He heard that a researcher was found in his office after having a mental breakdown, muttering something about the Tarrasque and Trolls. He repeated it as the researcher was trying to crossbreed the two. He he he.

Everyone went to investigate the body that was found near the market, and *GASP!* it turned out to be Gareth’s father. He wasn’t too broken up about it (visibly at least), and Hiwa proceeded to cast Speak With Dead on him. He informed them that he was killed by “The Pierced Ones” because the assassin’s guild was going to destroy them. He was ambushed by 20 of them, and was “Only able to kill 13” before they took him down. Gareth made the assumption (an incorrect one at that) that if the others helped Karai and him get to the bottom of this, that they would be handsomely compensated by the remaining guild members. Nicodemus is in it because he doesn’t think the shadow likes this cult very much.

Next, they went to investigate at the safehouse. Specifically, Gareth and Karai did. They went to the Three Daggers, and found the hidden entrance in the basement to the sewers/safehouse. At this point Charlotte (OoC) asked why there is ALWAYS a sewer level in fantasy games. Gareth and Karai found the last surviving assassin hiding in a pile of corpses, who told them that the rest of the group was in the final saferooms farther down. He also said that the cult had apparently set up shop in the sewers, and that was how they got the drop on the entire guild. There are only 23 members of the guild left out of the 60 that there were before.

The assassins got the rest of the group, and they hadn’t gotten far when they were ambushed by 8 men who looked like “Reavers from Firefly dressed as Vincent Valentine”. They pulled out some wicked looking spiked chains and started to lay into the group. They were thouroughly stomped, and the party was about to press on when they heard some rather large footsteps approaching…

At this point I called game because I had to get to bed (stupid need to go to work in the morning).

I’ve realized that the best way for me to make this game harder is to throw encounters at them so often they don’t have a chance to get spells/powers back. When the psion started swinging his sword, I knew it was working.



The person Vincent is hiding from was mentioned in one of the rumors the party heard… And he is definitely not what he seems.

Character Intros Pt 2

Alright, part two comin’ at ya!

Charlotte is playing Hiwa, a human Archivist/Dragon Shaman/Alchemist. She is a “Mad Scientist” as some have labeled her, travelling Khorvaire in search of anything new and mysterious. The main reason she knows the party members is as their Poison Supplier. That’s right, she’s a pusher. She also worships the shadow, so she has that in common with Jason’s character.

Jason is playing Nicodemus, a human Cleric/Wizard/Escalation Mage. He worships the shadow, and through his unwavering faith, he can increase his magical power to new heights. So far he is staying with the group because it seems to be what his church wants.

Aaron is playing Gareth, a Ninja/Sorcerer. His last assignment was to protect Hiwa from any threats that may be after her, but now his mission is to find out who betrayed the Assassin’s Guild and avenge his father’s death.

Teresa is playing Karai, a Ninja/Rogue/Assassin. Death follows her everywhere, her parents were killed when she was a child, and everyone since then that she has become close to has been killed. She decided to join the Assassin’s Guild when she learned that she is the subject of a prophecy about the “Bringer of Death”. She has spent the last several years of her life trying to learn the exact nature of the prophecy. (This may change, she wasn’t too clear about the prophecy bit.)

All I have to do now is pin down Goat and get his character’s story. I can tell you that he is a gnome Necromancer/Blackguard.

EDIT: Finally got Goat to give me a name at least- Cadaver (pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable.) So when I mention Cadaver, it’s him.

Character Intros Pt 1

I forgot to introduce the PCs for the Taltasqa game.

First, we have Jess, playing Gul Kaden, a silver dragon/fighter

Kaden is the victim of a time traveling mishap. Apparently he caused The Mourning in Cyre, and the magical backlash threw him back in time 300 years before the Last War, and he also doesn’t age (he will when he catches up to where he is supposed to be in time). In Taltasqa, he has several different identities, one of which is Kefka, one of the warriors who trapped the Tarrasque, and another is as Kaelix, a high society legal scholar. He has others, but these are the only two that have come into play so far.

Nelson is playing “Bushido Brown” until he can come up with a better name.

He is a Samurai/Marshall, and acts as bodyguard for Kaden. This is the only backstory available, because Nelson sucks at backstory.

Joey is playing Vincent Michaels, a Psion Egoist/Fighter

Vincent woke up in a back alley three months ago, with no memory of who he is. He hates the way things are in the city, but he has stayed because he desperately wants to know who he is. He hasn’t really found anyone who knows him yet, but people do seem to recognize him as a “Bad Person”. He wields two large Kukri, which seem well suited for beheadings. Wt the temple of the Shadow, the cleric seemed to recognize Vincent…

I’ll post again with the rest of the backstories and characters when I get them again. I can’t remember all of the names and such.

First Day In Taltasqa

The game began with the party in a local pub, the Silver Minotaur Alehouse (I love this generator!) just enjoying each other’s company. Jess tried to pay the performing bard to stop singing, but the guy started doing the Elaine Dance instead. They didn’t seem to want to do anything except mess with the bard, when Jess noticed that Cadry Tyrcin, the Master Chainsmith was in the bar (as he usually is on days that end with “Y”). Jess bought him a drink and asked him to talk about the good old days, which led the party to learn that the Hero of the City, Lucas Gerridos, may not be the hero he seems.

At this point, Jess said, “I click on the exclamation point floating above his head!”, which made me worry this was going to go downhill fast.

The group decided to split up at this point, the two assassins went to their guild hall and found that the rest of the (surviving) assassins were in hiding because there was someone killing them off (yes, I borrowed from The Elder Scrolls…).

Someone spilled their beer on a customer as he walked by- a creepy albino monk- and he was ready to take it outside immediately, until Nelson intimidated the hell out of him (seriously, he beat the DC to intimidate by around 30). He left, but wasn’t happy about it.

Jason decided to go to the Shadow Temple to see if he could offer assistance to his deity.

At the temple the cleric on duty said that there was a group of four knights who appeared in town this morning, and were headed there now with the stated intent of leveling the “house of evil”. When the non-shadow worshippers were offered a sufficient sum of money they agreed to help defend the building.

A squad of Lumi showed up and offered the non-evil PCs a chance to flee, which was of course refused. The party OWNED them, even after I pulled rule zero and doubled their HP for no reason.

since character creation ran long, this brought the night to a close, and the group decision was to investigate the problems at the Assassin’s Guild next week.


They’ll regret forgetting that albino monk…

Holy Crap this guy is awesome!

So I don’t know when we will play our next Marvel Superheroes Campaign or who will run it, but my next character is based on this guy:

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