Bullet Summary of 1 Nov 09

  • Goat was late- barely.*
  • Jess loves it when a good plan doesn’t come together.**
  • Teresa made cheesecake.
  • Nelson didn’t seem to like that I wanted the super special sword.***
  • Jason made another guest appearance, this time with a friend.
  • Joey was introduced to the group, both IC and OC.****
  • Aaron struck the killing blow for the boss of the region.
  • Charlotte was absent

*Goat thinks we make too many jokes at his expense. He got fed up and walked out. I don’t blame him and I apologized, though I told him I didn’t speak for everyone else.

**Jess and I were the only ones that noticed that the plan to make the creature chase everyone failed when they walked right up to it to attack… Grr.

***I could be wrong, but when I flat out said that I had the best chance of killing the boss with the sword “8 Fang Strike”, he semed to get a funny look on his face that seemed to say, “But I want to be the hero!”

****Jason’s friend Joey is looking for a group to play with, so we let him roll up a character and see if he likes us. I think I’m the only one who knows his name is Joey, and not “Boot”. Don’t ask.





Bullet summary for Oct 25th

  • Goat was late, didn’t have his character sheet, red-maged the shit out of it.
  • Charlotte’s Samurai has hairy arms like a gorilla
  • Jess had to try REALLY hard not to kill us all
  • I almost killed Goat because I thought he was a giant centipede
  • Teresa wants to be a Nuki Assassin -Vetoed
  • Nelson’s Monk interrogates like Jayne Cobb*
  • Aaron learned that blind Clerics aren’t very effective

*Actually, about half of Nelson’s characters are somehow like Jayne Cobb. Including Nelson.

Jess says that next week (Halloween weekend) will end the current region of WLD, then we start Taltasqa!


Bullet summary of last session

So Jess had an idea that I should start posting short, bullet statement style summaries of our sessions. Here’s last Sunday:

  • Goat was late
  • Teresa made cake
  • Jess likes the Brown Ale
  • Jason made a guest appearance as a trap monkey who sucks at his job
  • Charlotte and Goat are metagamers
  • Nelson’s new character is an alcoholic
  • Our sleep schedule is determined only by when Aaron runs out of healing spells
  • My barbarian became the spokesperson for the group (We’re screwed)

And that’s it in a nutshell.