Fifth (and last) day. And PC followups

The meeting for Vincent’s mystery woman was set to take place at a little used warehouse (I hate the cliche of “abandoned warehouse”, but a busy one just doesn’t work.) at noon. The group got there early and scoped the place out.Vincent waited outside for the woman to show up. She teleported into the center of the warehouse, and even though there were several party members inside, the only one to see her because of all the crates in the way was Kaden, up in the rafters. Since he didn’t want to give away his position to tell Vincent she was here, Vincent waited outside, thinking she was late. She of course thought he was the one that was late. She was just about to leave and go find him herself when Vincent decided to go inside and wait for her.

She gave him a talk about how he had to come back with her, and reenter the service of Ralys, or they would both be killed. She indicated the Slave Ring on her finger and said that it was part of her punishment for Vincent’s leaving. He explained that he had no idea who she or Ralys were, or why he left, although he could guess at that part. She was just about to go into detail for him, when she received a telepathic order, and attacked Vincent. The rest of the group became visible and/or came out of hiding, including Kaden dropping to the floor and taking Dragon form on the way down. She managed to wound Vincent with her Mindblade Kukris (or is Kukri plural?) before Kaden grappled her and pinned her to the ground.

Still under mental control, she began screaming in agony and clawing at herself, until Gareth cast Hold Person on her. Vincent was just about to cut off her ring finger to free her, when they heard a voice say, “Do NOT damage my property, insolent one! Vincent and Cora will stay, the rest of you, be gone!” and Lord Ralys appeared suddenly on top of a stack of crates.

Well, needless to say, the party shifted their focus to him, but not quite enough focus. Gareth was the only one to realize that his oddly long mustache was not made of real hair, and seemed to move on it’s own. Vincent got too close, and the mustache sprang up, ripping itself out of it’s disguise, revealing a tentacle, and wrapped itself around Vincent’s head. The rest of the disguise fell apart revealing a large Illithid- with two extra tentacles! (I’m the only one with a copy of Lords of Madness, so they didn’t know what an Ulitharid was)

Combat continued, everyone managed to hit and damage Ralys, but when his turn came, he Decerebrated Kaden! Cora’s hold person wore off, and she made a mental link with Vincent that Ralys would most likely do the same to him, and she couldn’t let that happen. She fired a Mind Arrow at him, which teleported him into the desert outside the city, with the massive city gates just visible on the horizon. While he was getting his bearings, Karai struck the killing blow to Ralys, and without even taking time to blink, began searching his body (Karai is a bit of a loot hound).

Vincent teleported back into the warehouse, eager to get back to the fray, and not caring about his safety. He took the Master Ring from Karai, removed the Slave Ring from Cora, and gave the set to Cadaver. He then teleported himself and Cora to the nearest temple, with a promise to return quickly. At the temple he left Cora in the hands of the healers, and brought one back to the warehouse to restore Kaden. Kaden, seeing that combat was over and there was no treasure to be had, nonchalantly left for a meeting.

Vincent deposited all of his useful and/or magical belongings, bid his farewell, and teleported back to the temple to care for Cora. When she was well, she filled him in on his past. She was his sister, and they had been Thralls of Ralys, serving as headhunters so he wouldn’t have to do his own dirty work. He had intended to implant an Illithid tadpole (one that he had learned was destined to be an Ulitharid) into the brain of the Tarrasque, creating a Godlike Psionic creature. The tadpole had been stolen and crushed by Vincent when he escaped, but he hadn’t managed to go back for Cora. The reason for that would be lost for all time if he didn’t regain his memories. The two of them left together for parts unknown.

Bushido Brown committed Seppuku for his inability to stay at his employer’s side, and allowing Kaden to be Decerebrated.

Hiwa had entered the City’s catacombs on a quest for the Head of Vecna. She was never heard from again.

Nicodemus was excommunicated from the church for his “unsavory delights”. Of course, what even the Shadow considers unsavory…

Cadaver left the city and became a widely feared necromancer, as he would slaughter and raise anyone who laughed at the Gnome wearing black full plate armor and wielding a mercurial greatsword.

Karai managed to enlist every single orphan in the city to the Assassins’ Guild. Petty theft has never been lower, while unsolved murders have never been higher. Karai is pleased.

Gareth sat on the council for the guild for many years, until out of boredom he set up an alternate identity and put contracts out on himself as a way to test the skills of assassins. He survived 23 such attempts, until Karai caught wind of his tricks and killed him at a council meeting. With his dying breath, he reached into his robes, pulled out the bounty he had set on his own head, and melted it to slag, saying, “You cheated.”

Kaden somehow managed to cause both the Last War and the Mourning (Linked for those who don’t play Eberron). Freaking time travelers.


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