Fourth Day Pt 1

Most of the group decided to go rumor mongering, Bushido was sick, so he stayed in bed most of the day, Hiwa headed to the library to see what she could find on zombie kids. Vincent investigated the man he saw at the party that recognized him (I forgot to mention him, there was a very tall man with a comically long mustache at the party who seemed to recognize Vincent, but Vincent was unable to follow.), and learned that his name is Lord Ralys. He is fairly new in town (been here about six months) and no one seems to know who he is, what he does, or where he lives. His bodyguard, Cora, has been seen around town though, so Vincent went to try to track her down.

He found her in the Blue Ogre Meadhall, watched her have a conversation with the bartender, then she stormed out, looking very irritated. Vincent engaged the barkeep himself after she left, under the guise of hoping to get a date with the pretty lady. He learned that she pays him (Well) and other bartenders in the city for the names of psionics. He doesn’t know what she does with the names, nor does he care. Vincent paid him a ridiculous amount to forget that he ever met him, and left.

Gareth tried to see if there was a pattern to the children that had been kidnapped, and there was no connection other than the age range of 7-10 years old. There were no witnesses in any of the cases.

Nicodemus and Cadaver both confirmed their suspicions that the necromantic energy in the city has been rising steadily for the past month.

Karai and Kaden went to “the guy who has the most medical knowledge in the city” (Kaden’s words, not mine) and failed to learn anything, but when they returned, Karai was approached by one of the children that the guild recently recuited, and said that they found a strange hole in their playroom (the room where Lucas was slain). The hole was a tunnel that looked similar to the ones in the cult’s lair.

Deciding that this was probably where the kids were hiding, they passwalled through and found an underground complex. Not far in, they found a room with five children hanging from the ceiling by chains. Cadaver realized they were “still kicking” as it were, just sleeping. He managed to get four of them under his control, and the fifth one was torn apart by them before it could raise an alarm. Gareth scouted ahead, and found four more of the children “playing” in the next room. Using the ones under his sway, Cadaver lured them out one by one and tried to get them under his control as well, killing the ones that resisted his spell. After two rooms, he had five zombie (Undead, Feral, Spellwarped Children to be exact) minions. Cadaver told them to “go take a nap”, and they hoisted themselves back onto their chains.

There was a portcullis leading to the next room, which made a lot of noise when it went up. Gareth saw six more children “sleeping” on the ceiling, and checked the next room. There were four more, playing with dolls. Hiwa cast Hide From Undead on the group, and they went to sneak up on the ones playing, but one of the little boys that they thought was asleep caught them by surprise, letting out a roar that sounded just like the Tarrasque itself. Hiwa cast Sphere of Undeath (I think that was the spell, I can’t remember) that killed all but two of Cadavers minons, the one that had roared, and one of the ones playing dolls. The one with the doll ran away, and they quickly ended the cursed existence of the one that roared.

At this point I called it a night early, because everyone was losing interest/falling asleep, and “No Gaming id better than Bad Gaming”. So I taught everyone to play Mao, which I highly recommend for a way to kill time while waiting for a player to arrive.

SNEAK PEEK: I have a strong suspicion that Vincent will try to face Cora and Ralys alone, which will make a fantastic night. I’m tempted to have him run it as a solo session. Cora is the Sabretooth to his Wolverine.


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