Third Day

(Note: I tend to use the names Kaden, Kefka, and Kaelix interchangably. They are all the same character- Kaden- but different identities. See character intros.)

The group spent some time with the assassins’ guild to try and find out why Lucas Gerridos had been having so many people put to death. There seemed to be no connection, none of the names on the list were important people, they lived all over the city, and they seemed to be totally random. It was decided that a look inside his home was needed.

Luckily, Kaelix gets an invitation every year to a party at Gerridos’ house for the anniversary of the Chaining, which was a month away. Until now, he had never accepted one, knowing that Lucas Gerridos was not really the big damn hero everyone said he was. This year, he would accept. Through his contacts, he got two more invites, one for Hiwa, and one for Nicodemus. Each of them could bring one guest, leaving two group members without a way in.

Gareth learned that Gerridos was hiring an entirely new staff for the event (as he apparently does every year for some strange reason.), and he got a job as a waiter, complete with a room in the servant’s quarters, where he stashed everyone’s weapons. Hiwa split the month between training Vincent on how to act civilized at a high society party (Think Mal Reynolds in “Shindig”.), and adapting Mordayn Vapor (BoVD) to be ingested instead of inhaled. Kaden spent the month in various guises trying to learn more about the other rumors going on in town that he was interested in. Nicodemus found the blueprints for the house, but it was strangely incomplete, as if someone had stolen parts of it.

The night of the party, everyone who had dates went in without a problem, and Cadaver just turned invisible and snuck in. Hiwa slipped the vial of Mordayn to Gareth, who dosed the punch bowls. Pretty soon an orgy broke out (as the group decided that Mordayn Vapor is D&D Ecstasy.) and the guards went upstairs to inform Gerridos what was happening. As he was telling the guards to put everyone in separate rooms until they calmed down, the group burst into the room, saying that they knew everything (Lying out of their asses) and that he should come with them to the constabulary and turn himself in. Hiwa got close and tried to expose him to the Mordayn, knowing she would expose herself as well, but he was immune. His response was to laugh and run into the next room. Bushido stayed with Hiwa to make sure she was safe, while the others oursued Lucas.

The next room contained a very out of place Fire Pole (I was improving and that was the first thing I could think of, sorry) which led down to a large empty and dark room, which was full of chains hanging from the ceiling. After some witty banter between Kaelix and Lucas, Lucas revealed his true form- he was a Chain Devil.

While my goal for the night was to kill one person, I actually had to tone this fight back, which I hate doing. The first round brought Kaden near death with a single full-round attack from the seven chain-strikes Lucas rained down on him. Considering Kaden is the toughest member of the party, I realized that this fight would be over in about 6 rounds. The judgement was to take away Lucas’ offhand attacks, leaving him with four attacks for a full round.

The group took Lucas out, mainly thanks to some undead summoned by Cadaver, and went back to check on the guests. The drugs had worn off, and Kaelix told all of the guests the truth about Lucas, and since they were all still a little hazy, they took his word for it. The rent-a-cop guards were sent to fetch the City Watch, the guests were questioned and sent home. Karai quickly forged a bill of exchange and ran to the House Kundarak Banking Guild to get all of Gerridos’ money for their troubles.

The next day, Kaelix was summoned to see the tribunal, who were very angry with him for killing Gerridos. They confessed that they knew he was a devil, that a deal was made with him when the city first was founded. He would live in the city like a hero, and be given carte blanche. In exchange, he would supply his own blood to forge the chains holding the Tarrasque in place. Now that he was dead, the chains would soon be to weak to hold the beast. They told Kaelix that he had to find a replacement as soon as possible. If he can find a way to control the devil, fine. If not, make a deal.

Kaelix accepted the responsibility, and left. He used his share of the money to purchase Gerridos’ house, giving it to the Assassins’ Guild for a new headquarters. The group decided to take a break before investigating what was going on with the children the cult had been kidnapping.

SNEAK PEEK: Flesh Golems created in a city where the most powerful creature in the world is vivisected daily…


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