Second Day

During the downtime, Kaden managed to bed Karai, and due to a horrendously low sense motive check, it apparently was over before she realized it had happened (I took this to mean that he was very quick, but apparently it was mastery of “the art of seduction”. Or so he said.) Gareth did some snooping and got some info on the leader of the cult, a Drow Wizard named Greysilk. She apparently favors spells that turn your own body against you.

Back at her Lab, Hiwa found a message from an old friend, sort of an Indiana Jones type of person. The note only said, “I found it! It’s in the catacombs of Taltasqa.”

Heading deeper into the sewers, they found a group of smallish, strange looking trolls eating what looked like the body of a human child. The trolls ran off as soon as they were detected, leaving the corpse. The body of the little girl appeared to have been burned alive  before being eaten, although there was no telling how much time had passed between the two. The next chamber had a pool of what turned out to be boiling Tarrasque blood radiating powerful Necromantic magic. The child appeared to have been drowned in this pool. As they realized this, Kaden and Gareth heard a distant giggle of a small child.

Going still further, they entered into a large chamber with a bigger pool of boiling blood, gold statues of the Tarrasque surrounding the room, and chains for prisoners between each of the statues. A large altar was at one end of the room, with a drow woman in crimson robes praying behind it.
The plan was formed. Gareth and Karai would turn invisible and get close to Greysilk, waiting for Kaden to point his spear down to attack. The casters would hang back, waiting to see what developed. Hiwa cast Bull’s Strength on Kaden, and he walked brazenly into the center of the room, declaring his murderous intentions. For some reason the two ninjas had hung back about 20 feet instead of flanking Greysilk.

Greysilk reacted to the sudden presense of a lone warrior, realizing that there is no such thing, and cast a Wall of Dispel Magic between the two of them (though the ninjas were still inside it).

I can’t remember the exact order of combat, but here’s basically what happened:

Greysilk started by becoming invisible and running. Kaden used his draconic senses to pinpoint her and point her out to everyone. She cast Transfix, and got Karai, but Gareth and Kaden made his save and was immune, respectively. More damage was done by the melee folks, Hiwa started casting to dispel the Transfix fromKarai. Then Greysilk cast Avasculate on Kaden, which devastated him (and horrified Jess OoC ). Combat continued, and the drow cast Extract Water Elemental on Gareth, which killed him on the spot and summoned a water elemental simultaneously. Kaden transformed (the big reveal for the party ) and struck the final blow. (This is what happened according to Kaden, and it makes for a better story, but it’s not canon)

What actually happened: Kaden transformed (the big reveal for the party ) and was about to strike the final blow (2 natural 20’s in a row for a player that very often rolls 1’s and very rarely rolls 20’s) when Aaron (the player for Gareth) piped up, “actually, I forgot that she would have to make a fort save for the poison on my weapon.” So I thought, He’s already dead, why not give him a little more damage to his credit? I failed the fort save, and he rolled the damage, which actually killed Greysilk…

Kaden was not happy.

“You stole my kill, and I wasted my big reveal! And two 20’s!”

So we retconed that too.

Kaden never transformed, and Gareth never died.
My only regret is that I wasn’t able to Baleful Polymorph the dragon into a lizard…

They searched the chamber, and found the missing corpses in the pool of boiling blood (Gareth went fishing with some chains.), and heard another creepy laugh from some small tunnels in the rock, and a child’s voice saying, “I see you!” At this point, only Gareth and Kaden have heard the creepy children’s voices, and are slightly questioning their sanity. Gareth “inherited” Greysilk’s dagger, an intelligent weapon named Ishtaharru, which will only serve the killer of it’s last master.

They went deeper into the sewers and finally found the last of the assassin’s guild. Due to the severely dwindled numbers and their assistance in defeating the cultists, Gareth and Karai were offered two of the spots on the council for the guild.

Gareth suggested looking into Lucas Gerridos again, since that is what he was trying to do when he learned about the guild infiltration in the first place. Hiwa told everyone about her note and suggested searching for “It”, although she wouldn’t say what “it” was. The group decided to stay there for the night and decide in the morning. Word was sent to the others to meet them there.

SNEAK PEEK: The Cult, The Children, The Trolls, and Lucas Gerridos are all connected. But how?


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