First day in Taltasqa pt 3

When they heard the boots coming down the tunnel, Bushido, Vincent, and Nicodemus ran back to see about getting some help (their players couldn’t make it) and the remaining party members took positions and waited. From out of the tunnels came a massively intimidating… Bugbear.

Kaden started laughing so hard he could barely stand. (CR 2 for a 10th level gestalt group? OK…)

“You’re the guy they send in when things go south? This cult is more pathetic than I thought!”

Hiwa used her dark knowledge ability to analyze the creature before her and grant the other party members a bonus to damage. (I have to give Charlotte credit here. She’s new to D&D, but roleplays like a champ, and the poor girl had never heard of a bugbear before. So her dark knowledge that she shared with the others was, “Aim for the bug parts!” best quote ever.)

Gareth, who was standing invisible right next to the bugbear, cast Scorching Ray on him, figuring that would take care of him quite handily. It had about the same effect as shooting Mongo. At this point, Kaden stopped laughing.

After a full round of combat, Mongo (I didn’t bother to name him) got tired of taking damage, and changed into something a little less bug, and a lot more bear (werebear hybrid form) and went into a blood frenzy (barbarian rage). As he charged Kaden with a Tarrasque molar mace (The Everlasting Godstopper), Cadaver unleahed the spell he had been holding in reserve- Magic Jar.

Now Cadaver was lying on the floor, and the Bugbear had stopped in his tracks. After some convincing (the party almost killed him just to be sure) they realized that this was indeed Cadaver. They all decided that before they pressed on, they should regroup, and get some spells back, and gather some information. They aranged the human bodies in a pile and Cadaver clawed the hell out of em, then slit his own throat, returning to his body. Everyone went back to Kaden’s house, except for Hiwa, who went back to her lab.

End of day 1 (Game session continued into Day 2)


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