First Day in Taltasqa- Pt 2

After defeating the Lumi Paladins at the Shadow Temple, the group was paid, Kaden took his back to his Big House and rolled around in the gold like a dragon is wont to do. Vincent pulled the cleric aside and inquired about how they know each other. After some cajolling, the cleric admitted that Vincent came to him three months ago and arranged for a memory erasing spell to be cast on him. The arrangement was actually for him and another person to have the spell cast on both of them, but when Vincent showed up, he was alone. The cleric had no idea who the other person was suppoed to be. As far as why they wanted their memories erased, Vincent had said something about not letting someone find them…

Everyone returned to the Silver Minotaur and did some information gathering.

Kaden found out some really wacky rumors that were not exactly plot hooks, just random rumors.

Karai and Gareth learned that the Guild was in hiding at a safehouse below the Three Daggers Inn, and that there was a good chance the attack came from a new Tarrasque-worshiping cult. They also learned that there was a body found near the city market chained up in the exact same way the Tarrasque is.

Hiwa learned that a clan of halflings who periodically come to town with fine imports arrived this morning, and that they are a good place to buy and sell rare items.

Bushido Brown talked to a guard from the Flesh Pit who said that he saw someone trying to cut into the Tarrasque’s head the other night, and he has no idea why someone would want to do that.

Vincent found out that the serving wenches do not want to date him (he rolled a 7 on his gather info).

Nicodemus heard a rumor, and in true rumor-mongering fashion, repeated it to the group in a way that was nothing at all like he heard it, so when they pursue it, they will have no clue what to expect. He heard that a researcher was found in his office after having a mental breakdown, muttering something about the Tarrasque and Trolls. He repeated it as the researcher was trying to crossbreed the two. He he he.

Everyone went to investigate the body that was found near the market, and *GASP!* it turned out to be Gareth’s father. He wasn’t too broken up about it (visibly at least), and Hiwa proceeded to cast Speak With Dead on him. He informed them that he was killed by “The Pierced Ones” because the assassin’s guild was going to destroy them. He was ambushed by 20 of them, and was “Only able to kill 13” before they took him down. Gareth made the assumption (an incorrect one at that) that if the others helped Karai and him get to the bottom of this, that they would be handsomely compensated by the remaining guild members. Nicodemus is in it because he doesn’t think the shadow likes this cult very much.

Next, they went to investigate at the safehouse. Specifically, Gareth and Karai did. They went to the Three Daggers, and found the hidden entrance in the basement to the sewers/safehouse. At this point Charlotte (OoC) asked why there is ALWAYS a sewer level in fantasy games. Gareth and Karai found the last surviving assassin hiding in a pile of corpses, who told them that the rest of the group was in the final saferooms farther down. He also said that the cult had apparently set up shop in the sewers, and that was how they got the drop on the entire guild. There are only 23 members of the guild left out of the 60 that there were before.

The assassins got the rest of the group, and they hadn’t gotten far when they were ambushed by 8 men who looked like “Reavers from Firefly dressed as Vincent Valentine”. They pulled out some wicked looking spiked chains and started to lay into the group. They were thouroughly stomped, and the party was about to press on when they heard some rather large footsteps approaching…

At this point I called game because I had to get to bed (stupid need to go to work in the morning).

I’ve realized that the best way for me to make this game harder is to throw encounters at them so often they don’t have a chance to get spells/powers back. When the psion started swinging his sword, I knew it was working.



The person Vincent is hiding from was mentioned in one of the rumors the party heard… And he is definitely not what he seems.


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