Character Intros Pt 2

Alright, part two comin’ at ya!

Charlotte is playing Hiwa, a human Archivist/Dragon Shaman/Alchemist. She is a “Mad Scientist” as some have labeled her, travelling Khorvaire in search of anything new and mysterious. The main reason she knows the party members is as their Poison Supplier. That’s right, she’s a pusher. She also worships the shadow, so she has that in common with Jason’s character.

Jason is playing Nicodemus, a human Cleric/Wizard/Escalation Mage. He worships the shadow, and through his unwavering faith, he can increase his magical power to new heights. So far he is staying with the group because it seems to be what his church wants.

Aaron is playing Gareth, a Ninja/Sorcerer. His last assignment was to protect Hiwa from any threats that may be after her, but now his mission is to find out who betrayed the Assassin’s Guild and avenge his father’s death.

Teresa is playing Karai, a Ninja/Rogue/Assassin. Death follows her everywhere, her parents were killed when she was a child, and everyone since then that she has become close to has been killed. She decided to join the Assassin’s Guild when she learned that she is the subject of a prophecy about the “Bringer of Death”. She has spent the last several years of her life trying to learn the exact nature of the prophecy. (This may change, she wasn’t too clear about the prophecy bit.)

All I have to do now is pin down Goat and get his character’s story. I can tell you that he is a gnome Necromancer/Blackguard.

EDIT: Finally got Goat to give me a name at least- Cadaver (pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable.) So when I mention Cadaver, it’s him.


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