Character Intros Pt 1

I forgot to introduce the PCs for the Taltasqa game.

First, we have Jess, playing Gul Kaden, a silver dragon/fighter

Kaden is the victim of a time traveling mishap. Apparently he caused The Mourning in Cyre, and the magical backlash threw him back in time 300 years before the Last War, and he also doesn’t age (he will when he catches up to where he is supposed to be in time). In Taltasqa, he has several different identities, one of which is Kefka, one of the warriors who trapped the Tarrasque, and another is as Kaelix, a high society legal scholar. He has others, but these are the only two that have come into play so far.

Nelson is playing “Bushido Brown” until he can come up with a better name.

He is a Samurai/Marshall, and acts as bodyguard for Kaden. This is the only backstory available, because Nelson sucks at backstory.

Joey is playing Vincent Michaels, a Psion Egoist/Fighter

Vincent woke up in a back alley three months ago, with no memory of who he is. He hates the way things are in the city, but he has stayed because he desperately wants to know who he is. He hasn’t really found anyone who knows him yet, but people do seem to recognize him as a “Bad Person”. He wields two large Kukri, which seem well suited for beheadings. Wt the temple of the Shadow, the cleric seemed to recognize Vincent…

I’ll post again with the rest of the backstories and characters when I get them again. I can’t remember all of the names and such.


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