First Day In Taltasqa

The game began with the party in a local pub, the Silver Minotaur Alehouse (I love this generator!) just enjoying each other’s company. Jess tried to pay the performing bard to stop singing, but the guy started doing the Elaine Dance instead. They didn’t seem to want to do anything except mess with the bard, when Jess noticed that Cadry Tyrcin, the Master Chainsmith was in the bar (as he usually is on days that end with “Y”). Jess bought him a drink and asked him to talk about the good old days, which led the party to learn that the Hero of the City, Lucas Gerridos, may not be the hero he seems.

At this point, Jess said, “I click on the exclamation point floating above his head!”, which made me worry this was going to go downhill fast.

The group decided to split up at this point, the two assassins went to their guild hall and found that the rest of the (surviving) assassins were in hiding because there was someone killing them off (yes, I borrowed from The Elder Scrolls…).

Someone spilled their beer on a customer as he walked by- a creepy albino monk- and he was ready to take it outside immediately, until Nelson intimidated the hell out of him (seriously, he beat the DC to intimidate by around 30). He left, but wasn’t happy about it.

Jason decided to go to the Shadow Temple to see if he could offer assistance to his deity.

At the temple the cleric on duty said that there was a group of four knights who appeared in town this morning, and were headed there now with the stated intent of leveling the “house of evil”. When the non-shadow worshippers were offered a sufficient sum of money they agreed to help defend the building.

A squad of Lumi showed up and offered the non-evil PCs a chance to flee, which was of course refused. The party OWNED them, even after I pulled rule zero and doubled their HP for no reason.

since character creation ran long, this brought the night to a close, and the group decision was to investigate the problems at the Assassin’s Guild next week.


They’ll regret forgetting that albino monk…


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