Bullet Summary of 1 Nov 09

  • Goat was late- barely.*
  • Jess loves it when a good plan doesn’t come together.**
  • Teresa made cheesecake.
  • Nelson didn’t seem to like that I wanted the super special sword.***
  • Jason made another guest appearance, this time with a friend.
  • Joey was introduced to the group, both IC and OC.****
  • Aaron struck the killing blow for the boss of the region.
  • Charlotte was absent

*Goat thinks we make too many jokes at his expense. He got fed up and walked out. I don’t blame him and I apologized, though I told him I didn’t speak for everyone else.

**Jess and I were the only ones that noticed that the plan to make the creature chase everyone failed when they walked right up to it to attack… Grr.

***I could be wrong, but when I flat out said that I had the best chance of killing the boss with the sword “8 Fang Strike”, he semed to get a funny look on his face that seemed to say, “But I want to be the hero!”

****Jason’s friend Joey is looking for a group to play with, so we let him roll up a character and see if he likes us. I think I’m the only one who knows his name is Joey, and not “Boot”. Don’t ask.





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