Version 3.0- Whew!

Version 3.0 of the PDF is here.


Rearranged some things.

Added a bit about adventurers being shrunken down and going inside Big T a la Fantastic Voyage.

Fixed a small typo in the Cults section.

Added Page numbers and a table of contents for those who wish to print this up.

Added the Prestige Classes and some items I found on a different forum, which were inspired by this thread. I’ve since lost the link, but if you contributed those items, thanks guys!

Added cover art and a picture of the Tarrasque-Blooded.

I still need the description of the Breaker of Chains prestige class, right now it just says “[Insert Fluff Here]”, but you can visualize your own concept for it.

I think that’s it. I’ll periodically update it as I add more (if more is posted in the thread). Hope everyone enjoys!

Carpe Deum- Tales of Taltasqa V 3.0


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