Intro to my Taltasqa Campaign

We will be playing in Eberron, I’ve located Taltasqa in the Blade Desert, between Gatherhold and Whitecliff.

It’s a Gestalt campaign, which none of us have played before, so we are looking forward to being relly OP.

Starting Stats will be 11,12,13,14,15,16 arranged as desired.

I’ve told everyone that they can be of any alignment, but must be able to tolerate the general evilness of the city. They don’t have to approve, but there will be no plans to free/kill the Tarrasque allowed.

The game starts two years before the next Locust Crusade, so some of the PCs will be looking forward to “retirement” as it were.

The PCs know each other, but I’ll leave it up to them to decide how.

I can’t be sure, but I foresee some excellent roleplaying from Charlotte and Jess, to the point where their PC’s may end up retooled to non-gestalt and added to the PDF. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.



Bullet summary for Oct 25th

  • Goat was late, didn’t have his character sheet, red-maged the shit out of it.
  • Charlotte’s Samurai has hairy arms like a gorilla
  • Jess had to try REALLY hard not to kill us all
  • I almost killed Goat because I thought he was a giant centipede
  • Teresa wants to be a Nuki Assassin -Vetoed
  • Nelson’s Monk interrogates like Jayne Cobb*
  • Aaron learned that blind Clerics aren’t very effective

*Actually, about half of Nelson’s characters are somehow like Jayne Cobb. Including Nelson.

Jess says that next week (Halloween weekend) will end the current region of WLD, then we start Taltasqa!


Bullet summary of last session

So Jess had an idea that I should start posting short, bullet statement style summaries of our sessions. Here’s last Sunday:

  • Goat was late
  • Teresa made cake
  • Jess likes the Brown Ale
  • Jason made a guest appearance as a trap monkey who sucks at his job
  • Charlotte and Goat are metagamers
  • Nelson’s new character is an alcoholic
  • Our sleep schedule is determined only by when Aaron runs out of healing spells
  • My barbarian became the spokesperson for the group (We’re screwed)

And that’s it in a nutshell.

Version 3.0- Whew!

Version 3.0 of the PDF is here.


Rearranged some things.

Added a bit about adventurers being shrunken down and going inside Big T a la Fantastic Voyage.

Fixed a small typo in the Cults section.

Added Page numbers and a table of contents for those who wish to print this up.

Added the Prestige Classes and some items I found on a different forum, which were inspired by this thread. I’ve since lost the link, but if you contributed those items, thanks guys!

Added cover art and a picture of the Tarrasque-Blooded.

I still need the description of the Breaker of Chains prestige class, right now it just says “[Insert Fluff Here]”, but you can visualize your own concept for it.

I think that’s it. I’ll periodically update it as I add more (if more is posted in the thread). Hope everyone enjoys!

Carpe Deum- Tales of Taltasqa V 3.0

Need some fluff written

Need someone to write fluff for one or more of the prestige classes. Any takers? I’ve got the stats, just need the class description, because I have writer’s block. Also, everyone else has had better ideas than me so far.

Oh, and I fixed a lot of the typo’s in the pdf, next version will be posted when the PrCs are done.

First PDF!

Okay, spent all evening on it, finished shifting, and now have something worth putting into a PDF. I still want to add more NPCs, I need to flesh out the PrCs, and I’ll probably shift a few of the things around. You may wonder why the last sentence says what it does. Well, it was an awesome flavor quote, and I couldn’t find a place to stick it, so I forgot it was in there. When I was making bookmarks I saw it, and thought it was a nice closing statement.

I also need more rumors, maybe some new spells (all the books seem to have em), definitely some art. Who wants to do a cover for me?

Now let the hate flow in about the stuff I left out and what you would have done differently.

Also posting this on

Carpe Deum- Tales of Taltasqa

Carpe Deum is almost ready!

So I’ve been working toward producing a pdf based on this thread, I’m calling it Carpe Deum: Tales of Taltasqa. So far I’ve got the thread pasted into a Word Document, and I’ve deleted the unnecessary posts that say how awesome the idea is and asking what happened to the original poster.

Now I’ve got it whittled down to the good stuff, and it’s time to add more good stuff and shift it all around. I really hope to get more ideas sent to me to make this a little bit bigger (that’s what she said). Now to figure out how to post the file here so everyone can download it… Done.

Download version 1.0 here

Oh, and if you read this, you lose The Game.